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Great-Grandma’s Sewing Basket

Great-Grandma’s Sewing Basket

By Janelle Cahoon, Quiltcentric

I wanted to share a photo of a special family heirloom I received a few years back – my Great-Grandmother’s sewing basket.  I inherited it from a great-aunt who passed away, as I was the only one of the great-nieces who sews. And I’m so pleased it came to me!

Besides the basket itself, there is a wonderful pair of small scissors that are still sharp, a small needle book, a rolling chalk marker with an advertisement for a mattress company on it, a cloth measuring tape, a very fine crochet hook and two thimbles – one of which is silver.  There are also several spools of thread on wooden spools.

The thread is especially interesting; the larger spools are cotton thread, and they are a thicker thread than we usually see today and very smooth and practically lint-free.  These are really excellent quality.  The smaller spools are ones I’d never seen before; they’re marked “Buttonhole Twist” and “Pure Silk”.  Each of these little spools holds 10 yards.

I never knew my great-grandmother, but I appreciate inheriting her sewing basket.  It gives me a tiny peek into her life.  It also makes me wonder what, if anything, of mine will be inherited and appreciated by future generations.  I’ll bet Great-Grandma never would have thought of her sewing basket as an heirloom!


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