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Quilters’ Back-to-School Shopping

Quilters’ Back-to-School Shopping

By Janelle Cahoon, Quiltcentric

I still get excited by back-to-school shopping time.  I always loved going to pick out just the right notebooks and getting new pencils and crayons, and this time of the year the urge is still strong to visit the office supply store and check out the new offerings – so this week I did just that, focusing on the supplies that would most appeal to quilters.

What I found was a surprisingly varied list:

Pencil boxes/pencil pouches:  Useful for carrying small tools and materials for hand-sewing or appliqué.

Mechanical pencils:  Best pencil for tracing appliqué pieces.

Crayons:  Essential for creating the crayon quilts that make such nice teacher appreciation gifts and the foundation of so many school silent auctions.

Round-tipped scissors:  These are allowed on planes.  They even have Fiskars brand kids’ scissors now.

Glue sticks/white glue:  Useful in appliqué preparation.

Graph paper:  Available in several sizes and sometimes different shapes.  Useful for quilt planning.

Masking tape:  In various widths.  Cheaper than the local quilt shop, too.

Post-It notes:  To mark favorite patterns in books and magazines, and also to label quilt squares being carried to and from the machine.  (“Row 3 – Top”)

Sharpie Fabric Markers:  Who would have guessed they’d have this at the office supply store?

Magnifiers with and without lights:  Useful for seam ripping and other detailed tasks.

Goose-neck desk lamps:  For extra task light in the sewing room.

Plastic and metal bins, boxes and drawers:  For better sewing room organization.

Clear plastic bags, 2ft square:  These are actually bags for the bins of shredding machines, but they would be a useful size for protecting a quilt on the way to or from a quilt show – and being clear, no one would accidentally mistake the quilt for trash!


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