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My Top 10 Reasons to Acquire a Fabric Stash

My Top 10 Reasons to Acquire a Fabric Stash

By Jo Sewinggeek

(Not in any order, just random — like my stash, sewing room and mind.)

  1. Non-fattening
  2. Doesn’t harm my body
  3. Keeps me warm in a power outage in the middle of a winter storm.
  4. Gives my non-quilting friends a feeling of security. They think that they are normal compared to me.
  5. Gives my non-quilting friends’ husbands a reason to love their wives. “At least my wife doesn’t spend all our money on fabric.”
  6. Makes my kids an instant hit with their teachers because they could always call me for bits of fabric for class projects and plays
  7. Cheaper than weekly therapy at $70 to 150 a session. If I buy $25 worth of fabric a week then I’ve saved loads of money.
  8. Keeps the economy rolling in these times of economic depression!
  9. No animals were harmed in the acquiring of the stash. Except the times where the stash has fallen on the cat or dog…but they usually recover and lie on it.
  10. A fabric stash leads to having happy pets because they are happy to lie on a very comfortable bed of finished quilts — and unfinished ones too! (I can tell because of their happy faces!)

So I will keep my stash, grow my stash, share my stash and love my stash and let my family worry about it when I am gone because I won’t be here to care!!

Editor’s Note:  This article was submitted by Jo Sewinggeek, who describes herself as an “average Jo quilter” in Canada.  If you have thoughts or experiences about anything quilt-related that you’d like to share, please write them up and email me through the Contact link at the top of the page. 

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