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Announcing the Quilt Guilds Project

Announcing the Quilt Guilds Project

By Janelle Cahoon, Quiltcentric

Quilters deserve to quickly find accurate and complete guild information when they want it, not just in the US but worldwide.

There’s a lot of guild information out there, but it’s in bits and pieces all over and much of it is just plain wrong!  I’ve gathered as much as I can from dozens of places and I couldn’t tell you how many abandoned guild links are out there, or how many times a guild website gave updated meeting information that wasn’t reflected in the older sources.

The goal of the Quilt Guilds Project is to provide complete, accurate information for every quilt guild, everywhere.

So here’s my challenge to each of you – check my Guilds and Shows pages and give me the info on all the guilds and shows you know about.  Then let your fellow quilters know about the Quilt Guilds Project, because the more we spread the word, the more guilds we can add and the better resource this will be for quilters everywhere.

Thanks for your help and happy quilting!


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