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Croutons Block Pattern

Croutons Block Pattern

By Janelle Cahoon, Quiltcentric

This is a great pattern for using up coordinated scraps or jelly roll strips.  Because it’s inspired by the well-known Crumbs block but is based on squares and rectangles, I’ve named it the Croutons block.

This is the same block I’m currently using as the Quiltcentric logo.  It’s simple to make, quick and attractive.

I’ll be posting instructions for a Croutons Wallhanging next week for those who are interested

Croutons Block Instructions

  1. To make the set of 9  (5 ½ inch finished size) blocks needed for the wallhanging, choose coordinating dark and bright scraps in solids, batiks or mottles.  You’ll need between a third and a half yard total, and at least 5 different fabrics.  I’m using 8 in my sample.
  2. Cut the scraps into 2 ½ inch wide strips.
  3. Cut the strips into random lengths between 2” and 6” long, with most of those in the middle range, and with only a few 6” ones. (If you’re making larger blocks, it’s OK to cut pieces longer than 6” up to the size of the block you intend to make, but you’ll still need to make very few the full length of your block.)
  4. Put the pieces into a paper bag or small bin and stir.  This will help get a more random distribution of colors.
  5. Sew 2 of the smaller pieces together to make a block-shaped unit.
  6. Press (if desired) and trim.  (The pressing is not a required step, and trimming can either be by ruler or freehand with scissors if you like a more casual look.) The larger pieces that are trimmed off can be put back into the pile to use again.
  7. Sew another strip onto the initial unit.
  8. Press (if desired) and trim.
  9. Repeat steps 6 and 7 on various sides around the block.  Piece some of the strips together out of smaller pieces to add more variety to the blocks or to create strips long enough to cover the distance needed.
  10. Continue as needed until the block measures at least 6” unfinished.
  11. Press and trim square.

This block works well for chain-piecing.

Make 9 blocks for the Croutons Wallhanging.  These should be 6” unfinished for a 5 ½” finished block.

Here are my final 9 Croutons blocks.


After completing the blocks, here is what the final quilt looks like.If you want to see the instructions for creating the quilt, click here.



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