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The Return of Quilting Weather

The Return of Quilting Weather

By Janelle Cahoon, Quiltcentric

It’s fall in Texas.  The temperatures have dropped from the unbearable to the merely uncomfortable and I can start to think about quilting some of the tops I sewed this summer.

I don’t know about you, but this is one of my favorite times of year – the kids are back in school, I have a nice stack of tops to choose from, and the frantic finish-things-up-before-Christmas seasonal rush is still far away.I can take my time in choosing that first top of fall, enjoying layering and smoothing everything on the kitchen floor.  Then I have to move on to the basting, which I must confess is my least favorite part of the process but of course a necessary step.  After all, I can’t just leave it spread on the floor for everyone to walk around, can I?

And then the quilting!  I really enjoy planning how to quilt the top in a way that will enhance its designs and colors.  The kitchen floor comes in handy for this too, because I need to envision the pattern over the whole top.  I can’t really do that if I only see part of the quilt, even if it’s spread on the bed or table.

I’m a hand-quilter, but a bit unusual because I quilt without a hoop.  It works well for me; I thread-baste at close intervals, then just reach my left hand and arm as far as necessary under the quilt and quilt from the top as usual.  The excess quilt folds over my left forearm, rests on my lap and flows down over my legs.  This is much too hot to endure in a Texas summer, even with air conditioning, but lovely in the cooler temperatures of fall and winter.

I like to imagine thousands of other quilters doing as I am this time of year, reaching into cupboards or bins of finished tops, thinking, “Hmm . . . which one should I do first?”


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  1. Cooling down in Illinois, too, finally. Looking forward to being able to resume my craft work as well.

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