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Croutons Wallhanging Instructions

Croutons Wallhanging Instructions

By Janelle Cahoon, Quiltcentric

This project requires 9 Croutons blocks.  If you missed the instructions on how to make them, check it out here.


9  6-inch Croutons blocks in bright and bold solids, batiks or mottles

½ yard light-colored fabric

½ yard medium fabric

1/3 yard dark fabric

Finished wallhanging size 32” x 32”.

  1. Cut 2 15-inch squares of light-colored fabric.
  2. Cut 2 15-inch squares of medium-colored fabric.
  3. With your ruler, use a pencil to draw a ”+” with solid lines from the center-top to center-bottom, and from center-left to center-right on the reverse side of the light fabric squares, dividing them into equal quarters. 
  4. Next, use your pencil and ruler to draw an “x” with solid lines from corner to corner on the light fabric squares.  I’ve drawn an example here on cardboard in case you can’t see it clearly on the fabric.
  5. Now draw a dashed line ¼ inch on either side of the solid lines that form the “x” only (not the “+”).  These dashed lines will be your sewing lines.
  6. Place each medium square face-to-face with a light square and pin together securely along the “x” sewing lines.
  7. Sew along all 4 dashed sewing lines as shown in the photo.
  8. Next, cut along the solid lines that form the “x” and the “+”.  This will give you 8 separate wedge-shaped pieces, with the light and the medium fabrics sewn face-to-face along the longest edge of each piece.
  9. Press the pieces open into squares. You’ll see they’re divided diagonally with half light and half medium-toned fabric.
  10. Now you’re going to make these squares into hour-glass blocks.
  11. Place one square face-up on your mat. Put a second square face-down with the seams running in the same direction, but turned so that the darker fabric is on top of the lighter fabric and vice versa.
  12. Line the seams up and pin in place.
  13. Draw one solid diagonal line from corner to corner of the block, crossing the seam.  Then draw a dashed line on each side of the solid line.  I’ve illustrated it here on cardboard in case you can’t see it on the fabric.  Do not draw lines in the other direction.
  14. Pin along the drawn lines, then sew along the dashed lines.
  15. Cut along the solid line only.
  16. Open the resulting hour-glass blocks and press.  You will have 16 hour-glass blocks.
  17. Trim hour-glass blocks to 6” to match the Croutons blocks already pieced.
  18. Lay out your hour-glass and Croutons blocks on point as shown.
  19. Now pull each row slightly away from its neighbors.  Pin the blocks in each row into a strip and sew together. Press seams.
  20.  Replace the strips in the original arrangement.
  21. Cut 2 13” squares of the dark fabric.
  22. Cut these dark squares in the “+” and “x” pattern we’ve used before, creating 8 triangles from each square.
  23. Arrange 12 of these dark triangles around the outside of the hour-glass-and-Croutons strips, with the longest edge of the dark triangles along the outside.  One dark triangle will be at either end of each strip except the center (longest) strip,  as shown in the photo.  (No need to keep the remaining 4 dark triangles.)
  24. Pin triangles in place, sew and press.  Return these strips to their arrangement.
  25. Now pin the strips together, matching corners of blocks, and sew together to form one solid unit.
  26. Now all you’re missing are the 4 corners.
  27. Cut 2 5″ squares of your dark fabric and cut each of them diagonally from corner to corner in one direction only.  This will give you 4 dark triangles (2 from each square).
  28. Pin these 4 triangles onto the 4 corners of the wallhanging unit.  The longest side of the triangles needs to be matched to the edge of the hour-glass block.  This will make the wallhanging square.


If you want to add an outer border, I’d recommend something in the 6” to 8” range.

Here’s a photo of the finished Croutons wallhanging, and a second one in a different color-set.




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