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How to Ruin a Quilt Show

How to Ruin a Quilt Show

By Janelle Cahoon, Quiltcentric

(Ruin it for the other people attending, I mean!)

  1. Criticize the quilts aloud as you view them.
  2. Drag a rolling cart or case to trip others.
  3. Dominate the time of the white-glove ladies by asking to see the back of every quilt.
  4. When buying from vendors, spend as long as possible taking out your cash or credit card.
  5. Wear a generous amount of especially strong perfume.
  6. Take up vendors’ time with questions while a line builds behind you, then decide you won’t buy anything.
  7. Loudly question why some people bring children to quilt shows.
  8. If you yourself have brought a child to the quilt show, let them run around unchecked and allow them to finger the quilts.
  9. Sigh heavily when elderly ladies walk too slowly ahead of you.
  10. Block other people’s view of the quilts whenever possible.  If you can’t block the view of the quilts, block the aisle instead.


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