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In Praise of White-Glove Ladies

In Praise of White-Glove Ladies

By Janelle Cahoon, Quiltcentric

All around the quilt show, the white-glove ladies are the helpful angels who allow the curious to see the secrets on the back sides of the hanging quilts.

Imagine the frustration without them.  Imagine standing fascinated before a fantastic, complicated quilt, wondering:  What does the quilting look like on the back?  What fabric was chosen?  What sort of label did the quilter use?  Is there any back art I could see?

Imagine the curiosity turning into frustration.  We can’t touch.  We can’t flip.  We can’t see. Oh, please, I need to know!

The white-glove ladies reveal the answers to these questions with their clean cotton-gloved hands, lifting the corner of the quilt to let us see.

Ah!  Enlightenment.  Thank you!


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