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Class 66 Bobbin Warning

Class 66 Bobbin Warning

By Judy in Ohio

For those of us who use the old vintage machines, here’s a “warning” about the packages of Dritz Class 66 metal bobbins now for sale in the stores.  They don’t make ‘em like they used to.

The center hole in the bobbin is a wee bit smaller than it used to be and this hole will not fit on the bobbin spindle on your vintage machine.  I guess I will have to carry an old bobbin with me in the future when I go to the store . . .

Notice that the tiny hole for the pin is closer to the center hole (the one on the left in the photo with thread coming off of it is the “good bobbin”) and the center hole also has a “collar”.

Or I can make sure that I find a package that says “Singer” on it.

I guess the lesson I learned here is that everyone needs to read the fine print on the back of the Dritz packaging now, that there is more than one kind of “Class 66 Bobbin” lurking out there on the pegs of the stores.

One would think that the manufacturer would come up with better labeling on the front of the blister pack, but the buyer needs to read the back to see what sewing machine this particular Class 66 bobbin is designed for.  Turns out none of the ones on the peg at JoAnn Fabrics these days are designed for vintage Singer machines.


Judy in Ohio is the online name of a prolific quilter and mentor of many in online quilting forums. This article is reposted with her permission.  Janelle

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