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Why I’m Not Making Quilting Resolutions

Why I’m Not Making Quilting Resolutions

By Janelle Cahoon, Quiltcentric

A lot of quilters are making resolutions as New Year’s approaches.  They resolve to stop buying gadgets, to use up their scrap bins or to finish all 37 UFO’s.

This year I’m not making quilting resolutions.

It isn’t that I don’t approve of resolutions.  I do.  They’ve been really useful to me in years past.

I resolved to cut back on my fabric purchases, and over the last 5 years I’ve been able to move from a high of buying almost 200 yards of fabric to buying just 18 yards last year.

I resolved to get my scrap bins under control and I’ve done so, as I described in my “How to Tame Scrap Mountain” article.  ( )

I resolved to start the Quiltcentric website to be a source of information, entertainment and community for quilters and I’ve done that, even though I still have a lot to do toward building it into the site I’ve envisioned.

But this year I’m not making quilting resolutions because I’m happy with where I am in my quilting life.

I’m making progress on completing my UFO’s. I try new techniques that look interesting.  I’m happy with the number of quilts I complete for both family and charity.  I’m happy with the size of my fabric stash and have largely curbed impulse buys.

So this year I’m going to just continue as I have been – sew a little every day, work on the website a little every day, learn new things whenever I can and enjoy both the process and products of my quilt-making.  I don’t consider continuing what I’m already doing to be a resolution.

Whatever your resolutions or goals for the new year, I wish you happiness, creativity and success.


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