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Easy Needle-book Pattern

Easy Needle-book Pattern

By Janelle Cahoon, Quiltcentric

With the holidays and gift-giving season coming up, it’s good to have a few options for quick and easy gifts to make for your fellow quilters and other sewing and craft enthusiasts.  These instructions will allow you to make an easy needle-book that’s practical, quick to make and can be individualized however you prefer.

Pattern:  The Easiest Needle-book Ever

Materials needed: Scraps of felt, felted wool or other fabric in one or more colors, a Post-It Note in the size you want your needle-book to be, thread or yarn, and appliqués/crystals/buttons etc. to decorate the cover.


  1. Stack 2 or more layers of your needle-book fabric and cut in rectangles the height of your Post-It Note pattern, and the width of the Post-It plus about 1 inch. quiltcentric_needlebook_step1
  2. Fold the rectangles in half to form a book shape.  Clamp to hold. quiltcentric_needlebook_step2
  3. Trim edges even with scissors (for felt/felted wool), rotary cutter or pinking shears (shears preferred for cotton fabrics to inhibit raveling.)quiltcentric_needlebook_step3
  4. Mark line vertically down center “spine” of book and stitch to hold layers firmly together. quiltcentric_needlebook_step4
  5. Close the book, clamp again to hold closed and in place, and then sew a line about ½ inch in from fold using either buttonhole stitch, running stitch or machine sewing. quiltcentric_needlebook_step5
  6. Trim edges to even, if necessary. quiltcentric_needlebook_step6
  7. Decorate cover as desired.

Here are 3 samples, sewn and decorated differently. quiltcentric_needlebook_main


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