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Are Quilters Extra-Patient?

Are Quilters Extra-Patient?

By Janelle Cahoon, Quiltcentric

I carry a little handwork bag in my purse, with a block or two to piece or appliqué.  It’s useful for filling some of the inevitable waiting times at the doctor’s office or elsewhere.  It always seems to start conversations.  And those conversations almost always include the statement, “You must be so patient!”

Actually, I’m not.

If I was so wonderfully patient I’d be able to just sit and wait, my idle hands folded neatly on my lap, with no urge to fill those waiting minutes with sewing, or flipping through outdated waiting-room magazines, or straining to read the poster across the room about preventing the spread of flu germs.

I’m not that patient.

So I pull out my bag of handwork, slip on my thimble and sew a few inches.  And yeah, it may be only a few inches, but it’s amazing how fast those few inches – those few minutes – can add up to enough blocks for a quilt.

Maybe it also helps that I enjoy the process of quilt-making and I’m usually not just rushing to finish something quickly.  I’m enjoying the sewing itself as well as anticipating the finished product.

It’s true that whole process of making a quilt, from first fabric cut to last binding stitch, usually takes me months.  That’s a long time.  Maybe that’s why people think patience is needed.  But as long as I’m seeing progress along the way, even in 15 minute increments, I know that my impatience is getting me where I want to go.


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