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Is Your Spouse a Quilting Enabler?

Is Your Spouse a Quilting Enabler?

By Janelle Cahoon, Quiltcentric

My husband is a Quilting Enabler.  He wants me to buy the fabrics I love and the latest tools and gadgets.  He likes me to sit beside him on the couch in the evening and see me quilting while he watches TV.  He asks about the latest project or what I’m planning next.  He loves every quilt I’ve ever made – even the ugly ones.

Does he mind the expense?  Not really.  That may be because I don’t go overboard; I’ve never broken the budget over quilt fabric, although I may have stretched it a bit once or twice.  I like to think, though, that it’s because he respects me and values my happiness and creativity.

Sometimes when he comes along to the quilt shop, he’ll even choose a fabric or two, or encourage me to buy something I’ve admired but put back on the shelf.

Being married to a quilting enabler makes quilting easy and fun, a shared experience.

On the other hand, I know a few unlucky quilters married to the type I’ll call Guard Dogs.  I’m sure you know some too.

These are the women who stretch their grocery budget to cover a yard or two of fabric as well, who hide their fabric purchases and sneak them in when their husband won’t notice, who practice saying, “This?  No, I’ve had this a while.”

I don’t know whether the Guard Dog type husbands have any real justification for their zeal . . . Are they just very controlling about everything?  . . .Has the quilting wife shown wild extravagance? . . .Is the budget that tight?

I don’t know.  I suppose each case is different, but I do know that the quilters I’ve known with Guard Dog type husbands are made to feel furtive and guilty about their quilting purchases, and that guild seems to make it harder to enjoy either the quilting process or the finished quilts.  And that’s a shame.


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