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Attending QuiltCon

Attending QuiltCon

By Janelle Cahoon, Quiltcentric

I had a great time at QuiltCon2013, held this week here in Austin, Texas.  This first major show of The Modern Quilt Guild was filled with boldly-designed quilts which seemed to embody a sense of fun and creative exploration that inspired in quite a different way from shows of more traditional quilts.

The first aspect of these quilts that drew me was the bold use of color and patterns that rarely involved the usual repeating blocks.  Closer inspection revealed excellent workmanship, combined with a willingness to experiment.  Negative spaces were often used as a canvas for multiple detailed quilting patterns.

These quilts were really inspiring, and I’m sketching some ideas to try a modern-style quilt of my own.

I talked to a non-quilter in attendance who has been to several other quilt shows.  She said that seeing these quilts made her think for the first time that maybe quilting was something she could actually do after all.  That’s real inspiration!

Here’s a photo of the “Best in Show” winner Double Edged Love, made by Victoria Findlay Wolfe and quilted by Lisa Sipes, of New York, New York.quiltcentric_quiltcon_2013_best_of_show

This detail photo shows some of the quilting on Double Edged Love.quiltcentric_quiltcon_best_of_show_detail

And here’s a photo of one of my favorites, EssbeeCon by Jim Smith and Andy Brunhammer of Tampa, Florida, which was paper-pieced.  I loved the colors as well as the busy-ness and sense of fun in this quilt.quiltcentric_quiltcon_favorite

The show’s vendor area offered quilting/sewing machines, tools and modern fabrics, plus representatives of modern quilting magazines, online quilting/crafting classes and more.  The fabric offerings were bright and bold, with a huge variety of solid colors and modern-style prints.

I wasn’t able to try one of the classes this time, but I’ll certainly try to get my act together so I can take one next time.

Meanwhile, I have a modern quilt to finish planning, and I understand my local Modern Quilt Guild is meeting next week – I think I’ll be attending!


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