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How to Attach a Quilt Label

How to Attach a Quilt Label

By Janelle Cahoon, Quiltcentric

One of the quilting forums I visit regularly recently had a discussion of the various ways we attach quilt labels.

Some of the concern is because rumor says labels are often removed from stolen quilts before the quilt is sold, so many quilters want to make that more difficult for any thief.  Even if you’re not concerned about theft, labeling your quilts is a good practice in case they’re ever lost or just for your own information.  (“What year did I make that one?”)Here are some ways to securely attach quilt labels:

  • Place the label in the corner and attach 2 sides as you apply the binding, then come back and hand-stitch the remaining 2 sides to the quilt back.
  • Fuse the label onto the quilt back and then sew around the edges for extra security.
  • Embroider or write the label information directly on the quilt back.
  • Piece the label into a pieced quilt backing.
  • Embroider or write the label information in small letters in a line on the binding of the quilt.
  • Attach the label before quilting, then quilt through the label.
  • Some quilters choose to write their name and other information inside the binding seam allowance in case the outer label was removed and proof was ever needed that the quilt was theirs.

I’ve never worried much about theft or loss and just appliquéd my labels on when I finished the quilt, but these methods aren’t really any extra work and I think I’ll try a couple of them out!


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