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“Technicolor Dream Quilt” Pattern

“Technicolor Dream Quilt” Pattern

By Janelle Cahoon, Quiltcentric

Materials Needed:

2 yards colorful scraps, jellyrolls or yardage in at least 8 different colors or prints

1 yard black for inner border and binding

1 ½ yards for outer border

Finished quilt size:  approx. 82” x 54”

  1. Cut the fabric into 2 ½” strips (unless you’re using pre-cut strips.)
  2. Cut the strips into random lengths between 3” and 36”.  Most of mine were 10” or longer.
  3. Put all the fabric into a box or bag and stir it up well for better randomness.
  4. Pull the fabric strips one-by-one out of the box and sew them end-to-end, to form one continuous strip.  Keep it as random as possible but don’t sew 2 pieces of the same color together.
  5. Now cut the long strip you’ve made into pieces about 65” in length.  For this quilt, I needed 18 of these strips.  It won’t matter if you have a few more or less – just adjust your border length accordingly in step 17.
  6. Press seams.
  7. Lay the 65” strips out side-by-side and see if you like the distribution of color or pattern.
  8. If you want to re-arrange the strips, now’s the time to do so!quiltcentric_dream_quilt_strip_section
  9. Mark the order of the rows.  I like to put a sticker or a bit of tape on the top edge, numbering the strips from left to right.
  10. Sew the strips together in pairs, 1-2, 3-4, etc.
  11. Now sew the pairs together into sets of 4:  1-2-3-4, 5-6-7-8, etc.
  12. Sew the sets of 4 together into sets of 8
  13. Continue until you have the last strips sew on and the inner section of your quilt completed.
  14. Press seams.
  15. If needed, trim any uneven ends at top and bottom.
  16. For the inner border, measure the actual length of your strippie inner pieced section, and cut black fabric strips 1” wide to that length. This will be more or less 65”.  Attach them, and press.
  17. Then measure the actual width of your pieced section and cut 1” wide border strips to match – this should be about 36 ½” if you used 18 of the long strips in your pieced section.
  18. Attach the narrow black border at top and bottom and press.
  19. Cut the outer border between 6” and 8” wide.  (I used 4”, but I think it should be a bit wider for better balance.  Do as you did for the inner border – measure the actual length of your quilt and cut and attach the side borders first.  Press.  Then measure the width, cut and attach the top and bottom borders and do a final pressing.
  20. Quilt as desired.
  21. The remaining black fabric is for the binding.



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