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10 Ways Quilts Are Like Babies

10 Ways Quilts Are Like Babies

By Janelle Cahoon, Quiltcentric

  1. They’re all beautiful.
  2. They come in all colors and sizes.
  3. They’re irresistibly soft and cuddly.
  4. They smell so great when freshly-washed.
  5. Everyone wants a turn cuddling a new one.
  6. They’re a lot of work but totally worth it.
  7. They should all be well-loved.
  8. Everyone’s sure their own is best.
  9. Each one is unique and wonderful.
  10. No one is allowed to criticize mine.

More items for the list, thanks to Christine Burtch!

11. It’s hard to give them up or trust their care to someone else.

12 After they leave home, you always want to visit them!

13.  The younger they are, the more protective you are of them.

14. You learn from your mistakes with the first ones so the more you have, the better you get at it.

15.  You can always SAY you don’t have a favorite, but….


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