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Making Quilts Kids Will Love

Making Quilts Kids Will Love

By Janelle Cahoon, Quiltcentric

Quilters make a lot of quilts for kids, whether those kids are members of their own family, the child of a friend, or a total stranger.  No one loves a quilt more than a child does, but by using these tips you can increase the kid-appeal of your next kid’s quilt.

  • Bright clear colors are most attractive to kids.
  • Use plenty of contrast in both color and tone.
  • Sew in some fun by using a matching game, “I Spy”, textured fabrics or lots of colors kids can name.
  • Dimension can add a playful touch, so consider adding a pocket for a special toy, prairie points or some other 3-D element.  (Important:  If the quilt is for a baby or toddler don’t add anything like buttons or ribbons that could be chewed off and become a choking hazard.)
  • Use fun quilting designs, either something inspired by the fabric you’re using or simple coloring-book-style outlines of fish, rockets, dinosaurs or other shapes kids will enjoy.

Incorporating these tips will make your future quilts extra-fun for their pint-sized owners.


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