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“Quilts for Boston” Update from Modern Quilt Guild

“Quilts for Boston” Update from Modern Quilt Guild

By Janelle Cahoon, Quiltcentric

The Modern Quilt Guild has posted an interesting article on their website detailing the progress the Boston Modern Quilt Guild is making on “Quilts for Boston,” their quilt-making in support of the Boston Marathon bombing victims.

You might recall the Boston Modern Quilt Guild organized the “Quilts for Boston” project within days of the bombing, and asked for donations of quilt blocks in the colors of the Boston Marathon (white, grey, blue, yellow).  Over 2,000 blocks arrived from around the world, along with donations of backing, batting and more.  Other guilds offered to pitch in and help with assembly and quilting, individuals helped at local sew-ins, and members of the Boston Modern Quilt Guild themselves have been very busy sewing and quilting the donated blocks and binding and labeling the completed quilts.

The first batch of quilts is now ready to distribute, with more to come. So far 27 gorgeous sampler-style quilts have been completed out of the donated blocks and the Guild expects they will ultimately be completing and distributing 100 quilts!

To read the article visit The Modern Quilt Guild website, or visit the Boston Modern Quilt Guild website here.  See the Quilts for Boston Flickr album here.


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