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Quilter Sews in Space

Quilter Sews in Space

By Janelle Cahoon, Quiltcentric

Karen Nyberg, astronaut and quilter, has released a photo of herself sewing in zero-gravity on the International Space Station.

Many quilters have been following her story since she lifted off May 29th on her way to her 6-month assignment on the Space Station, bringing with her some fabric, a few sewing tools and expressing her hope to do a little quilting during her relaxation time.

We’ve had extraordinary access to the lives of the Space Station astronauts these last few years, especially compared to the Apollo missions when I was growing up.  We’ve seen YouTube videos of Chris Hadfield the singing astronaut  and Karen Nyberg’s technique for washing her hair in space.  The astronauts have Twitter and Facebook pages which are updated frequently and have thousands of interested readers following along.

As a fellow quilter, I’ve been especially interested in Karen Nyberg. Her Facebook page is here  and her Twitter account is @AstroKarenN.

We’ve all used our hobbies to relax in stressful times, and of course quilters have always been able to hand-sew in difficult environments.  Just think of the many quilts that were pieced as women walked or rode along the wagon-trails headed west in the 1800’s.  Now we see quilting in space.  I find it very inspirational, and can’t wait until she shows us what she’s sewn.


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