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Product Review: Clover Bobbin Tower

Product Review:  Clover Bobbin Tower

By Janelle Cahoon, Quiltcentric

This week I bought the Clover Stack ‘n Store Bobbin Tower to test for review.  This product holds 5 bobbins on each of 6 levels of the stackable tower, storing 30 bobbins in total.  The regular retail price is $14.99.

The tower holds each bobbin in a separate soft rubbery clamp, and each level has 5 clamps arranged like spokes of a wheel.  I tested the unit using 2 different kinds of bobbins (Class 15 and vintage Singer Class 66) and tried bobbins that were full, empty and in-between.  It held them all quite well and there was enough spring in the clamps that they should be able to hold the bobbins through many uses.  I also like the way the clamp holds the thread tail in place and prevents the bobbin thread from raveling.

The individual wheel-shaped units snap together on top of a base unit to form the tower.  Some on-line reviews I read said theirs didn’t stay together well.  Mine didn’t have that problem; I could lift it from the top and move it from place to place without a problem.  Of course, this was using only the original 30-bobbin tower.  Since you can join additional units on top for a taller tower, it may become less sturdy as you add more units to it.

Some users have reportedly found it awkward to remove a single bobbin without disassembling the tower.  The individual wheel units can be turned separately, however, so you can move the bobbin you want to a convenient place where there’s more room to grasp it.

If you want to take only a few bobbins with you to a class or retreat, you can disconnect and take one or two of the wheel sections holding only the bobbins you need.

I found the Clover Stack ‘n Store Bobbin Tower to be a big improvement in bobbin storage over the traditional bobbin box and I plan to buy another one so I can accommodate all my bobbins.

Finding:  Recommended


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