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10 Ways You Know You’re a Quilter

10 Ways You Know You’re a Quilter

By Janelle Cahoon, Quiltcentric

You know you’re a quilter when….

  1. You see quilt patterns in carpet, wallpaper and bathroom tiles.
  2. Your rotary cutter slips and your first thought is to avoid getting blood on the fabric.
  3. You dream quilt designs.
  4. You covet the fabric in a stranger’s shirt.
  5. Having a sewing room is more important than having a dining room.
  6. Your fabric stash is taking over the house.
  7. You take an empty suitcase on vacation just to bring back your fabric purchases.
  8. You stop at all the quilt shops along your travels.
  9. You have an irrational need to fondle fabrics.
  10. You decide to sew for a while after breakfast and suddenly have people asking what’s for dinner.


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