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Ways to Store Quilting Rulers

Ways to Store Quilting Rulers

By Janelle Cahoon, Quiltcentric

We were discussing the problem of ruler storage recently in one of my quilting groups.  It’s a common problem since most of us have quite a few rulers we’d like to keep handy and together, but at the same time our sewing room space is limited in various ways.

Here are some of the ruler-storage options other quilters have come up with; maybe one of them will work for you!

Table-top options:

  • Slotted ruler board:  grooves hold the rules upright.
  • Pot lid holder:  re-purposing a kitchen gadget
  • File holder:  this office tool comes in various useful sizes.
  • Magazine holder: can also be set on the floor.

Hanging Options:

  • Pegboard and hooks:  just like in the quilt shop.
  • 3M Brand Command hooks:  easy removal without wall damage.
  • Nails: directly into wall or door
  • Pocket-style file holder: available in magnetic or screw attached types.
  • Cup hooks: under a shelf or upper cupboard.
  • Shower curtain hooks:  each ruler can have an individual hook, attached to a closet/curtain rod or a coat-hanger.

Since wall space is sometimes limited, several quilters mentioned that they use the back of a door for hanging their rulers.  If you have a desk or cutting table with an accessible flat side, that might also be a handy ruler-hanging spot.

If you’re looking for a ruler-storage solution, consider these ideas and see what might work for your space – and keep in mind that these ideas can work for stencil storage too!


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