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The Graveyard of Quilt Gadgets

The Graveyard of Quilt Gadgets

By Janelle Cahoon, Quiltcentric

Every time I go to a quilt show, I find myself joining the crowd of quilters around those booths demonstrating the latest, greatest, “must-have” gadget. We stand there amazed as the fast-talking, fast-sewing demonstrator shows us how this gadget will allow us to save time and effort, improve our quilts and our lives, bring about world peace, and . . . oh, how did we ever live without it?

The problem is that more often than not once we get it home we never use it, or we try it but can’t get it to perform like the demonstrator did, we lose parts or instructions, and it ends up in the graveyard of unused quilt gadgets.

“Ha!” you think, “I’d never do that!” But you probably already have.

Look around your sewing room. Think about your purchases. Somewhere, pushed out of sight and out of mind, in a drawer or a bin or under a pile of scraps, you probably have gadget purchases you regret.

Maybe it’s time to move past those regrets and pass these gadgets on to a new owner. There are certain to be quilters out there just as eager to try these gadgets as you once were and there are several options for finding them: eBay is always a possibility. You could also post them to sell or giveaway on your favorite quilting forum. If you have a blog, you might offer the unwanted gadgets to your readers, either as a first-come-first-served giveaway or through a drawing. One forum I visit had a gadget swap a few years ago, where unwanted gadgets were sent to a hostess who shuffled them up and sent the participants something new-to-them to try; several people were really happy with what they got in return.

I’m not sure a quilt gadget swap would work for me, since I’m likely to just end up with a new item for the gadget graveyard, but it might work for you.

My own plan is to clean out the gadgets I’ve got and then avoid those quilt-show demonstrations that lead me into this trouble in the first place!

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